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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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football game at del mar high school and how this controversy is going to be resolved coming up. >> san francisco on the bay. notice it's not as breezy. not as warm either. cooling trend arrives today. we'll talk about how cool with that rain this weekend also. >> here's a live shot of the bridge toll plaza. they kind of stop before 5:00 when the carpool lane stops and it's cheaper. no shoulder hugging allowed. no accidents or hot spots. >> good morning. it's 5:00 on this tuesday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we continue to follow breaking news out of oakland where highway patrol officers arrested a man they believe is a suspect in a string of robberies. a high-speed chase began after officers spotted the suspect and recognized him from police reports. the chp managed to spin the car out at east 25th street and 23rd avenue in oakland. they took two people into custody but the driver ran away.
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after more than an hour of searching, they finally located the suspect. investigators say he's wanted in connection with at least eight robberies in the oakland area and may have warrants for other crimes in other bay area cities as well. >> today a hearing continues to determine whether seven males accused of raping a girl outside a richmond high school homecoming last year will go on trial. yesterday an officer nearly broke down as he described the horrible aftermath in graphic and gruesome detail. terry mcsweeney is live at the contra costa courthouse in martinez. terry? >> yes. a preliminary hearing. we are hearing defense attorneys come up with what may be their defense and they're focusing on the drunkenness of the 16-year-old girl in this case putting her character on trial. take a look at the -- some of the suspects being brought into court chained together. seven males, some juveniles charged with raping the girl. one is charged with aiding in the rape. now, six could get life
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sentences, and the seventh could get 26 years in prison. the assault that took place last year on the richmond high school campus, yesterday officer todd kaiser. he found her partially nude, her face covered in vomit and bloody. she looked wet and looked clammy white. i thought she was dead when i saw her. defender jack ford focussed on the girl's drunken face saying i believe the level of intoxication is highly irrelevant on the question of participation or consent in the charges that are alleged here. >> the fact that she had to be airlifted out of there after they were able to revive her and placed in the hospital for five days, how could anybody say that that was consensual. so it's unfortunate but i really hope it's not a successful defense. >> we also learned the father of the 16-year-old girl called his daughter the night of the alleged attack and at one point a male answered the phone and
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taunted the father with what he was doing to his daughter. now, the preliminary hearing resumes today, is expected to last through next week. now, witnesses are saying that 20 people all told were involved one way or another in this sexual assault, and only seven are on trial so far. live in martinez, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. 5:03 now. high schools go to great length to protect their athlete fields from damage but a south bay parent believes administrators wept too far when they kept an ambulance to drive on the field to treat her injured son, a football player. theresa garcia is live at del mar high school with the story. theresa? >> the questions are flying around to how can someone feel it's so important to protect a field versus allowing medical help to reach a child. here at del mar high school it's kind of turning into a little bit of a blame game who misunderstood something or miscommunicated something, not letting that ambulance on to the
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field to help that high school football player. and who was hurt? the 14-year-old giardo. he suffered a concussion on october 29th but after 9-1-1 was called, he had to lay and wait for emergency workers who haul a gurney 75 yards down-field. the news reports that del mar's principal liz seebury says she was following district orders banning motorized vehicles on the recently remodelled sunken field. they blamed the new principal saying she misunderstood because the district never meant block emergency vehicles. parents including the injured player's mother say they were clearly agitated. her son is recuperating but has suffered headaches and neck pain and is being watched for potential brain damage. the incident infuriated many who wonder about the safety of their kids playing at the school. the injured player's mother e-mailed her concerns to the district and board, wants the principal remanded, a formal
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apology and the district principal says all staff will be reminded to allow access to those emergency vehicles. while it's not clear whether it had impact on his health, medical experts say every second counts when you've got a player with a head injury. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks a lot. san francisco police arrested five people in a string of pepper spray robberies. robbers would fire pepper spray at people and take their purses and other valuables. the arrest of three juveniles along with 27-year-old jones of hayward and 18-year-old carpenter from san francisco. >> the city of santa clara is billing the 49ers for an $18,000 past police escorts from the team's practice facility to the airport. the escorts were first brought to life by a group formed to oppose the now voter-approved
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stadium construction. santa clara plays fair objected to tax money being used for a private security service. the city's agenda report bothses online a copy of the letter billing the team for police escorts going back to 2007. it also promises to bill for future escorts as they occur. >> certain undocumented immigrants are entitled to the same tuition breaks that native californians enjoy at our colleges and universities. some u.c. students out of state sued saying it was unfair they had to pay the hefty out of state tuition while illegal immigrants did not. the justices said the law is clear. anyone who attends a california high school three years and then graduates, qualifies for the lower in-state tuition. >> we're investing in them. they're part of our economy, part of our future and some may become legalized and become u.s.
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stn citizens in the end. >> crabbers will be out at sea this morning pulling in the first large haul of the commercial dungness season. the initial catch on sunday included too many skinny crabs. there was some concern fishermen might have to wait several weeks for the crabs to mature but the catch found there's plenty of meat for the catch to begin. >> what's the difference between 1% and 2%? >> it can be a dime to 15 cents. depends what your starting price was. >> that starting wholesale price is about $1.75 cents a pound. it was about $2.40 last season. retail prices will vary but thanksgiving's starting to look a little tastier. >> yes. the catch is abundant this year. that's good. >> and meaty. >> you can't wait, can ya? an abundance of sunshine. even though it's cooling down, we'll still see plenty, right? >> change in the weather.
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mike? >> warmer than average today but not the record-setting temperatures we dealt with the last couple days. good morning. one of the reasons why. look how much lower our temperatures are this morning. only san francisco and 61. a lot of 40s out there menlo park, half moon bay, concourt, the entire north bay and that's why we're going to have a hard time reaching those levels from yesterday. the reason we're cooler. look at the calm conditions. still the wind overturning the atmosphere not allowing the coldest air to sink in our valleys and the warmest air to climb our canyon walls. that's what happened this morning unlike yesterday. still a very pleasant day done outside. sunshine, low to mid-70s except the coast will have mid-60s at half moon bay. around the monterey bay, looking at low to mid-70s even inland. the cool spot will be monterey at 68. we'll see these temperatures slowly slide all the way to the weekend when the system drops down from alaska, brings us a chance of scattered showers
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friday and a chilly shower and breezy weekend with temperatures almost 30 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. let's find out how the san mateo bridge is this morning. here's frances. >> hi, mike. doing really well. and now all the road work in hayward has been cleared so nothing slowing you down between 92 and 880. 42 minutes the drive time from 880 to 101. as we head to another live shot to the south bay for you, we'll try to show you the 101 and 880 interchange. really no accidents around the bay area. of course, we're still looking at the san mateo bridge right now. and here we're heading over to 680 in walnut creek. traffic light southbound there on the right as you make your way towards highway 24 and threw the san ramon valley and even to the sunol grade. let's head to 101 in san rafael. so you're good to go in the north bay as well right now. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you so much. it's now 5:09. >> still ahead, apple set to make what it bills as a big i-tunes announcement today.
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could it be the end of a long and winding road for the company? all right. the world's biggest social network tries to become the world's biggest e-mail provider. how is out to change how we communicate. >> a fascinating chapter in bay area aviation history. the china clipper and the switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:12 now. apple is inviting the press to an event it's billing as another day you'll never forget.
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abuzz with what the giant will unveil this morning. steve jobs will announce apple finally cut a deal to sell the music of the beatles on i-tunes. it would mark the first time the group's music has sold in a digital format. they have tussled over 30 years over the name apple that was the beatles recording label. >> google is taking another stab at designing a game-changing mobile phone. it would include a built in payment system that would enable the device to replace credit cards. google chief eric schmidt confirms the company is working on a new computer chip and upgrade on its android system. >> it will roll out messages service over the next months. he says the new system will consolidate user's text messages and e-mail into a single thread
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that will be permanently saved. >> five years from now you'll have this full rich history of all the communication you have of each of your friends and the people around you. >> critics warn users should bewarery for relying on one service for messages needs. they point out privacy issues. the system is available by invitation only while the company tests reliability. >> a series of events begin to mark an he important anniversary in aviation history. it's been 75 years since the first pan am china clipper took off from the bay area. it was a luxurious seaplane that left on its maiden voyage from alameda to the philippines with four stops in between, a journey of more than 8,000 miles. heather ishimaru has more on this bygone era. >> san francisco bay with the
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first united states airmail bound for china. >> the inaugural flight from alameda to manila carried only airmail. but from then on the flying social liner would take travellers from destinations from hawaii to hong kong. it was the beginning of commercial aviation across the pacific. crowds came to treasury island to watch the departures. >> the passengers to pan america's airport on treasure island on san francisco bay. >> those were the days when it was romantic, it was exciting and it was really first class. >> the china clipper was the first of three martin m-130 flying boats ordered by pan am. the first leg of the cross-pacific trip was a 17-hour flight to honolulu. along the way passengers enjoyed white linen dining and sleeping berths. it was not inexpensive. >> $380 for the trip which
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according to today's dollars was $9,000. that's one way. >> china clipper service ended in 1945 when it crashed in trinidad. 16 passengers and 9 crew members died in the crash. this propeller is all that's left of the any of the m-130's. it's on display at the sfo aviation history museum. heather ishimaru. >> the flight attendants all had to be registered nurses. it was a retirement. >> so be there a little while to check it out. let's talk to mike now about all outdoor things you can do with the weather nice. cool but still nice. >> finish the next couple days because you won't have a chance this weekend. the rain is still on the way but a couple good days from now. 5:16 looking down from mount tamalpais back on san francisco. all the way over to fremont. pretty still air this morning and still relatively clean. why we can see for so many miles
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from about 2600 feet this morning. let's talk temperatures. you can see just how much cooler we are than yesterday. a lot of 40s and 50s. only san francisco around 61. remember this time yesterday we had at least four areas that were 70 degrees. not the cape now. we're a good 10 to 25 degrees cooler this morning. monterey 51. salinas upper 40s. gilroy cooler at 42. let's talk about your highlights. we'll still see sunshine today but the air mass is going to be cooler and it's a cooling trend that starts today that will eventually culminate with a cold front that will bring us scattered showers friday and a cold, wet and breezy weekend. let's talk about what happened while you were sleeping. cold front sliding down on the jet stream nudging our high pressure out of the way. kind of trying to split these two. going to have a hard time breaking through. but what it will do is push the warmest of the air away from us and that's why today still rather nice with temperatures
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above average. south bay we have mid-70s. a lot of 74s and 75s like san jose. 72 millbrae to palo alto, redwood city and los altos 74. along the coast not bad. not as warm. mid-60s all the way to daly city at 67. downtown south san francisco right around the 70 degree mark. same with sausalito and low to mid-70s the north bay valleys. heading near beaches, stinson beach. richmond 70, all the way 74 fremont. oakland right in the middle of san leandro 72. brendwood the warm spot 76. the monterey bay, we have monterey 68. carmel a little cooler at 66. low to mid-70s santa cruz, watsonville and as you head inland for tonight temperatures 40s and 50s for all of us. i think san francisco significantly cooler at 53. most of the bay shore and the
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coast 50s. exception fremont, palo alto and the 40s like the east bay and north bay valleys. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, a little more cloud cover and about a 4 to 6 degree drop tomorrow. we'll drop another 4 to 6 degrees thursday and about 4 degrees on friday. before you know it the weekend's here. it's wet and temperatures are in the 50s. that's quite a change. let's see if traffic conditions at all. >> no, mike, luckily it hasn't. kind of just the way we like it which is quiet and easy and no big hot spots. a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley. traveling in the eastbound direction, kind of an on-commute direction. westbound traffic all open looking good towards the bay bridge toll plaza which is absolutely delay free. and checking out the ride on the peninsula. we'll show you 101 in millbrae. headlights move northbound and very quiet and looks great all the way up into san francisco. as you come out of the south bay as well, heading to the south
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bay, this is what you can expect. light traffic for folks out of the santa cruz mountains. that's northbound 280. you can get the latest information by going to our website, is the place to go. you just need to click on the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:20. next on the morning news, defibrillators proven to save lives, right? except one surprising place. >> also the latest central coast community cracking down on the use of plastic bags. >> and the giants buster posey gets the recognition he deserves from major league baseball. sapphire preferred
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good morning, everyone. it's 5:22 on the abc 7 morning news. this is the state of aviation nowadays. we showed you the china clipper a few minutes ago. this is jet travel at san francisco international airport. don't know of any delays here. don't see much of a low ceiling yet here. of course, it's dark. after 6:00 we'll find out if there are any delays with mike coming up. >> more news now. if a hospital patient is in cardiac arrest, a new study suggests giving chest compressions should be top priority. recently defibrillators are live safers but in missouri they have found while they can be used by untrained bystanders at public places, they increase the risk of patients dying in a hospital. giving the same uninterrupted chest conpresions is key. no need for mouth to mouth resuscitation. the study in the journal of the
5:24 am
american medical association website. >> the food and drug is expected to issue a formal statement tomorrow recalling beverages that call alcohol and caffeine unsafe and possibly illegal. forelogo has been blamed for at least two deaths in recent months. the caffeine masks the effects of the alcohol which can lead to riskier behavior. >> moving to banned proposal plastic bags. the public works commission is recommending that restaurants and grocery stores no longer use them. citing negative effects on the environment. the proposal also requires businesses to charge customers a dime for paper bags. restaurants say there would be safety risks for customers to bring their own bags to avoid the fee. the city study the hardship businesses might suffer under the rule and create exceptions it needed. >> quite a year for rookie catcher buster posey. first a world series title, now
5:25 am
voted 2010 national league rookie of the year by the baseball writers of the america. the first giants player to win the award -- this goes back a way -- john monthfusco in 1975. a .305 batting average and played 108 game after being brought up to the majors february 29th. giants who won this award. >> it gives me chills to think about, to be mentioned with those guys' names of that won the same award to be one of the few giants to have won that award. again, just extremely humble to, you know, be mentioned in the same category as them. >> and the catcher posey handled the best pitching staff in the majors which finished first in the national league with the lowest earned run average of .336. unlike some people i've actually seen buster wearing a cape or anything like that, the count of
5:26 am
monte fuseco. he had habits that were unusual. >> 5:26. oakland mayor ron dellums prepares to deliver his final state of the city address but he won't be doing it in person. that's next at 5:30. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in martinez. more emotional testimony expected today in the case of the teenager girl allegedly gang raped on a richmond high school campus. that story coming up after the break. >> and wedding bells will be ringing at buckingham palace. the major announcement made less than an hour ago. >> and most of the country is much cooler than us today. there's a few exceptions, new orleans at 70 and miami 82 and phoenix at 76. we have a system that's plaguing the eastern seaboard with rain. it's going to cause delays from atlanta all the way to boston. in fact, philly has flight
5:27 am
arrival delays right now. you can find out specifically which flight with our flight
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in martinez. more testimony expected today in the trial of the preliminary hearing i should say of the seven males accused of gang raping a teenager girl in richmond. that story's coming up. >> a live look at ballmer peak. the camera not shaking. we're starting from a lower level. the record highs are over and i'll give you an update on the rain for the weekend. >> it's been a good start this morning. no major traffic trouble
5:30 am
anywhere around the bay area. here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge. very light into san francisco. >> and for tuesday morning at 5:29. yep, getting out of bed is always hard but hopefully that forecast mike alluded to will help. >> police say witnesses will take the stand today and reveal more horrifying details of the gang rape of a teenager girl in richmond last year. we're getting a preview of a possible defense strategy. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live at the contra costa county courthouse in martinez. >> the emotions running high day one of this preliminary hearing. we're also getting a glimpse what the defense in this case may be and that's that the teenager girl brought it on herself. the suspect arrived at court shackled at the waist. one is 43 years of age, the rest between 16 and 23. six of the seven are accused of raping the 16-year-old girl on october 24th of last year. they could get life sentences. the other allegedly aided the
5:31 am
rapist. an emotional officers todd kaiser described the scene saying she was half naked hunched over a bench bloody and vomiting. he thought she was dead. one public defender said i believe the level of intoxication is relevant in the consent and charges alleged here. legal analyst dean johnson says it's a defense he has seen before. >> it's an attack on her character. it's not -- it's saying that she actually consented. she just got drunk and wanted to have sex with people. >> witnesses say 20 people were involved in the attack. only seven are on trial so far. this preliminary hearing is to determine if there's enough evidence to have a trial. and this hearing expected to last two weeks with 20 people testifying. live in martinez, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. johannes mehserles' attorneys will ask to release the bart
5:32 am
police officer on bail while he appeals an involuntary manslaughterer conviction of oscar grant. a hearing is scheduled for december 3rd. earlier this month a judge sentenced mehserle to two years in prison for shooting grant at the fruitvale bart station on new year's day 2009. mehserle claims he thought he grabbed his taser instead of his service revolume he ver and that the shooting was accidental. with credit for time served he could be released from jail in about seven months. >> manhole covers in san francisco will soon get a different look. it's not detective. it's to make sure they don't hurt you in an electrical volt explosion. pg&e is also checking its underground electrical systems. jenelle, there's reasons for this. >> definitely are, eric. apparently persistence pays off after a series of accidents in san francisco pg&e has agreed to change the inspection process of its electrical system and will be replacing many of its manhole covers with a locking mechanism.
5:33 am
the city of san francisco started pressuring the utility company after a transformer explosion in 2005 blew off a manhole on carney street in the financial street severely burning a pedestrian. this past september the victim lisa nash spoke about the burn she had five year problem. spent tuesday years in the hospital and years in physical therapy. a guiser of flames was shot out of a manhole in the tenderloin district. they will replace circuits to power outages. it will replace 125 manhole covers with swivel lock caps which will prevent the covers from blowing off in an explosion and simply raise 4 inches to release gases. they're thinking about replacing transformers in the city to safer models. all steps to rebuild public trust hit especially hard after september's deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno.
5:34 am
the investigation into the cause of that explosion is still going on. kristen? >> jenelle, thank you. it's 5:33. a san jose high school principal says she was just follow orders when she refused to allow an ambulance on to a football field to treat an injured player. 14-year-old gardio suffered a head and neck injury during a football game last month at del mar. when the ambulance arrived, the principal blocked the crew from driving on to the field. she tells our media partner she was told not to let heavy equipment on to the field. a school district spokesman says there was a ban on motorized vehicles when the field was remodelled four years ago but never meant for the order to include emergency vehicles. the player is recovering now. the boy's mother says her son is recuperating but still being watched for potential brain damage. >> hundreds of students and workers planning to consider an
5:35 am
8% fee increase for students whose families make more than $120,000 a year. the regents will consider staff cuts and cuts in retirement benefits for many u.c. employees. c. students and union officials say the regentless should not take such action when the university is seeing more revenue this year from increased state funding and past tuition hikes. >> oakland mayor ron dellums will not deliver his final state of the city address in person. the mayor has decided to record the address on video and post it on his website tomorrow. the news release says the video will chronicle his four-year administration. it's not clear he'll speak again in public before leaving office in january. jean qwan was elected to replace him. san francisco's board of supervisors could take a big step today towards choosing somebody to fill in as mayor when gavin newsom leaves to become lieutenant governor. the board is considering two competing proposals. one that could have the current supervisors select an interim
5:36 am
mayor as soon as today and the other that would delay the selection for a few weeks. >> it's 5:35 now. the story kristen's been waiting for. it's official. britain's royal family has announced prince william and girlfriend kate middleton are ens gauged to be married. the royal wedding that britains have been eagerly awaiting for years. they plan next spring or summer in london. the announcement ends an on again off again saga that began when the two met years ago as college students in scottland. a spokesman says they got engaged last month during a vacation in kenya. >> interesting note just like william's mother prince diana. she too is acommoner rather than an aristocrat. >> and she's looking like a royalty though, doesn't she. >> i was about to say. >> yeah, yeah. >> nice looking young lady. >> uh-huh. >> awesome weather, too, coming our way. cooler but we'll take it, mike. >> i hope so.
5:37 am
nothing we can do about it. (laughter) >> not for now. if you like cool weather and rain, we've got a weekend ready for you. 8:00 temperatures, notice sunshine everywhere. calmness will greet you and cooler weather. 48 santa rosa, 48 antioch, 45 napa. most of us in the 50s. held on to 61 fremont and that would be the warm spot. as far as what's going to happen at noon, temperatures will be the mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods, even low 70s in our inland valleys and then by 4:00, the effect on the graphics there like a lottery thing going on right there. 4:00 in the afternoon upper 60s to near 70 degrees. hmm. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. temperatures today 8 to 16 degrees cooler than yesterday and drop 4 degrees average wednesday thursday and friday. before you know it we're in the 50s with he wet weather saturday and sunday.
5:38 am
here's frances. >> mike, like a slot machine temperatures this morning. but we got the idea. another nice day. also a nice ride as you head to work. a couple things you can look forward to. 680 walnut creek flowing well southbound towards highway 24 and it looks good all the way through the sunol grade. we'll check out the south bay and delay-free at the 280 and 17 interchange. headlights are northbound 280, very light traffic now through downtown san jose even on 101. also in the north bay 101 looks great. san rafael. the drive time southbound only 20 minutes from highway 37 to the golden gate bridge. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:38. >> workers make a disturbing discovery at a san francisco museum. still ahead, the violence against a beloved swan that has a lot of people shaking their heads. >> oakland gets a big financial boost in the battle e e e e e e
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> welcome back. it's 5:41. oakland it getting state funding next year to battle one of the deadliest crimes in the nation, drunk driving. they will use a $240,000 state grant. the money comes from the office of traffic safety. oakland police say the program will include dui check points and courthouse sting operations.
5:42 am
that's where police arrest repeat offenders that get their license revoked and try to drive home from the courthouse. >> a crime baffling caretakers at san francisco palace of fine arts. someone killed a swan over the weekend leaving just one to fend for itself. abc 7 reports. >> i'm the one that pulled her out. and her neck was broke clean through. >> gail hagerty is still devastated by the senseless killing of a mute swan here at the palace of fine arts here over the weekend. hagerty got a call from fellow swan caretaker judy wilt who found the bird floating in the lagoon saturday morning. it leaves one swan, 13-year-old blanch. >> they broke her neck. and i guess i can't even conceive of it. whether it was part of the struggle or whether that's how they probably tried to remove her from the pond, was by her neck. >> this is clearly just a random act of horrific violence. >> san francisco animal care
5:43 am
controllers investigated the killing and believe it occurred sometime between 2:00 and 6 a.m. saturday. numerous beer bottles were also found in the area. there had been three similar swan killings here in the past 25 years and the swan that disappeared last april has never been found. >> i can't imagine why somebody would want to kill a beautiful animal like this or any animal. it leads me to believe it was stupid, these are horrible pranks or kids joking around other offering a $500 reward and any information should go to the animal care and control. swans are companion birds so they're hoping to introduce a male here as soon as they can find one. >> it's 5:43. banks head to capitol hill to defend their mortgage practices. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> also many of the people in a rec room and city college have something in common. they've been to war.
5:44 am
>> an army sergeant will receive the nation's highest military honor today. next, how he put his life on the line to help save some buddies
5:45 am
we gave it a more powerful duramax turbo diesel and allison transmission to help it move over 21,000 pounds. and then we gave it an advanced exhaust brake system, to help slow it down. saving wear and tear on your brakes. and on you. with a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles... introducing the new chevy silverado hd. our most powerful heavy duty ever.
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welcome back. time for your california forecast. a lot of sunshine. maybe a few clouds over the sierra. cooler weather in the sierra,
5:47 am
tahoe 56. eureka 58. 68 big sur, 67 san diego and mild, low to mid-70s for l.a., fresno, chico. the warm spot palm springs at 81. >> 5:47. president obama will award the medal of honor today for a soldier who placed himself in the line of fire in afghanistan to save two comrades. staff ginata is the first living service member in the wars of afghanistan and iraq to receive the highest military declaration. they were ambushed in october 2007. despite being shot twice, he ran into enemy fire to rescue a fellow soldier being dragged away by the taliban. that soldier and a medic later died. >> those home from the war in iraq and afghanistan are enrolling in universities and community colleges. they quickly find out they don't
5:48 am
have much in common with classmates fresh out of high school. but city college of san francisco is starting a new program that provides both companionship and veterans benefits in one building. >> this is a special kind of student union at city college. to be allowed in, you have to have served in the military. >> a lot of veterans returning from iraq or afghanistan have a hard time relating to civilians or things. >> i was a combat veteran. even if i was at the same level -- same age as they were, it still feels different. >> city college of san francisco has nearly a thousand veterans enrolled right now. a couple of years ago, administrators realized they had to do more to welcome them home. >> quite frankly we're alittle bit ashamed how veterans have been treated after vietnam. we're also fully aware we're going to see a lot whoever
5:49 am
veterans at tdsd and tdi. >> that's what makes this vet center so special. counselors and service experts from the veterans administration. the center is jointly operated by the school and the v.a. >> we're giving them earlily on showing that we're actually useful first. we are able to enroll you in real time to receive health benefits. medical benefits. >> academic counselors are also close by for student veterans who need help with classes. it wasn't cheap to pull all this together. the city college foundation raised half a million dollars to make it happen. now that it's here, the center is not only a place to hang out, it's a place where veterans can help each other with class work, for example, and watch over for signs of trouble like depression, anxiety or posttrauma stress disorder. >> it makes it feel like veterans are welcome here.
5:50 am
>> only college has that kind of advantage of having actually counselors and also medical advisor next-door so people can just, you know, stop by there and, you know, get the information. >> the veterans i talked to there just rave about the program. and something else they rave about, the college has set up a fund to lend them tuition money when their g.i. bill benefits run late and that's quite often apparently. >> never heard of a resource center right there on the college. >> right there on the campus. basically a suite of offices that can get all that stuff done. >> let's turn things over to mike now at 5:50. certainly a lot of people yesterday were all giving you kudos for the 80 degrees. >> no, they weren't. >> sure they were. >> the other "c" word this weekend. >> the snow falling in the
5:51 am
sierra. >> kudos is okay. >> really? >> that's okay. these things happen. (laughter) >> let's take a look outside and show you what's going on. and i do it on tv. brilliant! absolutely brilliant! that kind of day. is it monday? >> no! >> feels like it, doesn't it. looking at the embarcadero this morning. see the clear sky over san francisco this morning and the bay. let's talk temperatures. let's get out the door with a little bit cooler weather awaiting you. temperatures in the four days around half moon bay, redwood city, concord, fairfield, napa, rest of us in the 50s. san francisco still holding on to 61. remember yesterday it was 72 at this time yesterday in san francisco. 51 monterey bay. as you look at the rest of the bay upper 40s and gilroy slightly cooler, 42.
5:52 am
hour highlights. sunny, cooling trend to start today. scattered showers arrive in the forecast friday and it will be a cold, wet and breezy weekend. as far as our 24 hour temperature change, a pretty dramatic drop. feel the 9 degrees of cooling in concord today, san francisco, santa rosa and all those areas yesterday set record high temperatures. we were close in oakland. today 8 degrees cooler. set a record high in redwood city. san jose one degree shy of tying the record high. today about 7 degrees cooler. let's start over in the east bay valleys. concord at 74, pittsburgh, fairfield and livermore. everybody in the mid-70s. low to mid-70s on the east bay shoreline from richmond, all the way to fremont 74. down in the south bay we'll have mid-70s with campbell, san jose, cupertino 74. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. menlo park about 73. mid-60s along the coast, daly city, slightly warmer. san francisco hugs 70.
5:53 am
low to mid-70s the north bay valleys. mid-60s at our beaches. 68 monterey, 66 carmel. low to mid-70s monterey bay and inland. 40s north bay and east bay valleys. fremont, palo alto, the rest 46 us low to mid-50s. watching the cold front slide on down through. that's pushing the high pressure out of our way and opening the door for this wet weather to start to roll in which it will do friday and it will hang out all weekend. let's see how the commute is. good morning, frances. >> i think you're going to like it because it's just been quiet and perfect. i love these days. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. looking good into san francisco. 30 minutes is drive time from the 6080 cordelia youngs. check out the golden gate bridge. light. and problem-free out of marin county and the north bay heading into san francisco. also we'll show you how good 101
5:54 am
looks in the south bay. headlights move on northbound 101 just underneath the 880 overcrossing. so no accidents reported really anywhere right now in the south bay. even light on the peninsula and mass transit systems reporting no delays. so you're good to go but you can always find out before you head out the door by going to our website, is the place to go and it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:54 now. a long and winding road -- wanna sing it -- may be ending for apple with a big announcement expected in just an hour from now. >> here's jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. you'll be able to have breakfast with the beatles and your i-pod. sources tell bloomberg apple finally getting the right to sell beatles songs through i-tunes ending a decade-long stalemate. the senate banking committee starting hearings on foreclosure problems today. the head of mortgages, the bank of america prepare for the
5:55 am
appearance, that the bank didn't seize any homes improperly. the head of the tarp oversite panel say banks should be stress-tested again because housing problems could get threaten the financial system. fiscal 2011, the sales for this past quarter coming in lower than expected. home depot cutting its sales forecast for the year. general motors selling stock when it goes public later this week. you may have a holiday party. "u.s.a. today" says replace year end parties with bonuses and free soda are making a comeback. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> u.c. davis researchers predict global warming will cause big changes for the lake tahoe area by the end of the century. scientists predict snowfall will steadily become rainfall as the years go by. that will cause flooding on the upper truckee river. in the second half of the century, prolonged drought could take hold and that would lower
5:56 am
the lake and no longer feed the lower truckee river which ultimately supplies water to reno, nevada. >> the rescue of a sea gull collared with a beer can. the wild rescue has the bird for weeks but hadn't been able to catch it until yesterday. they cut away the budweiser beer can that somebody had forced around the sea gull's neck. a number of collared birds have been sighted around half moon bay as well. police and other authorities don't know who's been doing this to the birds. >> buzz, the lonely sawfish from discovery kingdom in vallejo is looking for love this morning in the big easy. buzz is a 14 foot long example of a disappearing species. only five sawfish in captivity and dangerously close to extinction in the wild. that's why buzz is on a singles vacation if you will. researchers hope he will mate with a female sawfish in new orleans so they can learn more
5:57 am
how baby sawfish evolve. >> they want baby sawfish. >> anyplace to feel the mood of love. >> new orleans the place? >> yeah. >> that's a good start. just ahead on at 6:00, a rebill announcement. the big news coming from england's monarchy this morning. >> a man hunt in concord. the suspect was a family pet. >> is it a misunderstanding or a bad call? i'm theresa garcia live in san jose where a south bay mother is questioning a principal's call over whether a field is more nxnxnxnxgtoaoaoñ
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